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Written on 14 April 2015.

The Ez-Runner Voucher Solution

One simple system for sales & redemption, on-line, fulfilment and tracking

Ez-Runner Voucher

Our Ez-Vouchers solution provides a simple to use and flexible voucher service to suit all businesses -regardless of size or sector. Our 600 plus clients include Hotels, Beauty Spa’s, Health Clubs, Golf & Country Clubs as well and high street stores. Ranging from standalone units to multiple chains both in the UK and Europe. If you are interested in maximising your profits, raising your brand awareness or simply optimise the use of any ‘dead space’ then Ez-Vouchers is the straightforward and cost effective solution for you.

Great Features

We‘re offering first class tools and technologies

Integrated Booking System

Integrated Booking System

Complete the process and allow voucher customers to book and redeem their voucher in one simple solution. With Ez-Runner you can customize your booking grid to cater for your business, whatever your set-up. Display your bookings, courses, classes and treatments by site, area or resource. The booking grid is packed with interactive functionality allowing you to work seamlessly between your bookings, clients and point of sale.

High Quality Service Solution

High Quality Service Solution

Design your own vouchers, printed in colour on-site at point of sale or delivered via our international fulfillment which can even include your brochure. Why not produce with our unique barcoding and in doing so making it quick and easy for your staff and customers to redeem. Each voucher has unique ID, so no chance of fraud ensuring vouchers can only be redeemed the once.

CRM and Marketing Tool

Instant CRM and Marketing Tool

Ez-Vouchers has a built in customer sales and retention tool. Every customer who buys a voucher automatically creates a client record for you to track the sale and redemption and provides a valuable database to email, text and call for business in the future.

No Commission

No Commission

Sell direct to your customers without commissions. Save thousands of pounds while staying in control and deliver an improved service to your customers.

Fully Auditable

You are in Control – Fully Auditable process

Seamlessly integrated into your website and within your site. You know who brought what, when and at what stage of the delivery the voucher is. Ez-Vouchers package includes integrated till, booking engine, accounts and report modules to effectively manage every aspect of your business.

Save you business

Save you business ££££

Discover how using the Ez-Vouchers solution is not only more complete – but will cost a fraction of other popular voucher management cost

On-Line, In Site and Fulfillment

Unique On-Line, In Site and Fulfillment

Ez-Vouchers provides our proven in-site solution for sales and redemption, on-line via YOUR website and premium fulfilment process. All from the one easy to use value system.

Case Study

See how our voucher solution has improved Bristol Lido.

We worked very closely with Ez-Runner to make sure the end product was the same as what we had before. That it was a good quality gift voucher product printed on good quality stock. The integration of the Ez-Runner portal is seamless as far as the customer is concerned. As we now pay a flat management rate instead of commission it has been fantastic financially.

Mark Thwaites Mark Thwaites - General Manager