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Relax! Booking spa treatments online and buying vouchers is a breeze.

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Digitalise your spa

From guest registration on a tablet to digital medical questionnaires, our solutions remove the hassle of paperwork and keep guests' data secure.

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Booking a spa treatment or package online is a breeze. Our spa booking system allows your customers to use our funnelled spa booking journey to book their chosen treatment to ensure the best possible client journey.

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Spa Days

Manage your spa packages through the Ez-Runner system and allow customers to book multiple treatments for a day. Our resource management software will even allow you to control add-ons and upselling. 

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The gift that keeps on giving! Vouchers are a great way to extend your revenue generation. Now you can sell your spa vouchers online via your very own branded e-commerce website!

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Want to time that offer on your new facial to perfection? Our Marketing Automation Tool helps you slide into those inboxes at just the right moment with communications and offers.



Payments make your business go round so we know how important smooth payment taking is. Our Direct Debit software makes regular collections a breeze and our dedicated payment gateway lets customers pay for spa treatments and vouchers online. 

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Digital Services 

Using the Ez-Runner digital forms will allow you to manage and store your client forms digitally against a member client or record – no more paper!

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Automated Reporting

Reporting just got a whole lot easier. With our automated reporting, we can schedule your favourite reports to land in your inbox on a regular cycle. You'll be ready to analyse your favourite reports including daily financial reporting, peak and off-peak reporting, party reports and more.

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Using the EZ-Runner till will allow you to manage your stock whilst easily creating POS groups for easy use. We can setup specific NL codes against your products that can link to your accounting system for ease of use. Fully integrated with virtual/physical chip and pin devices.

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