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The Ez-Runner member survey module has transformed into an interactive and fun experience! 

Get Feedback in a Flash:
With our upgraded system, you can now send out surveys to your customers and receive automatic feedback on their overall experience. But that's not all! Our variable questions will keep things interesting, tailored to each customer's unique experience. Whether they're regular PAYG customers, loyal members, or even first-time guests, our bespoke questions will ensure you get the right insights.

Convenience at Your Fingertips:
We've made it incredibly easy to use the Ez-Runner Customer Pulse Check. You can set up multiple surveys to engage with your customers, and they can be sent directly to their inbox. But wait, there's more! If you prefer real-time feedback, use our tablet feature to gather instant insights. It's interactive and convenient, making the feedback process a breeze.

Take Charge of Your Success:
At Ez-Runner, we believe you should be in control. That's why we've made it seamless for feedback to be sent directly to your dedicated team or manager. No more waiting around for feedback to trickle in. You can now reach out to your customers with ease, addressing any concerns or celebrating those moments of greatness.

Unleash the Power of Reports:
Using our latest EZ-Runner reports, you can easily measure trends and recognize success. Dive deep into the data, spot patterns, and make informed decisions. Our reports are designed to make your life easier and ensure your customer experience is always top-notch.

Get ready for an exciting journey with the Ez-Runner Customer Surveys - Say goodbye to boring surveys and hello to instant feedback, interactive features, and easy control over your customer experience. Get started today and let the fun begin!

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