A simple, flexible voucher service to suit all businesses 


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Tailor-made vouchers for every business 

Our Ez-Vouchers solution provides a simple to use and flexible voucher service to suit all businesses -regardless of size or sector. Our clients include Hotels, Beauty Spa’s, Health Clubs, Activity & Play centres . If you are interested in maximising your profits, raising your brand awareness or simply optimise the use of any ‘dead space’ then Ez-Vouchers is the straightforward and cost effective solution for you. 


The EZ-Runner vouchers will be a beautiful continuation of your website branding ensuring that the look and feel is constant.

Eco System

The great thing with vouchers is that you can only spend it in one place. You get the opportunity to keep the customer within your own ecosystem.   Selling gift vouchers online gives you a wider chance to gain customers. The opportunity doesn’t stop there. When the customer redeems the voucher, you’ve then got an up-sell opportunity that wasn't there before. Finally, a decent % of your customers won’t even redeem the voucher before it expires. What percentage? - that can be as high as 40%.


Still not sure?  How many times have you heard “I’ve no idea what to get them I’ve left it to the last minute” Just look at all the opportunities to sell: Bookings, Treatments, Anniversary's, Halloween, Fathers day, Mother's day Birthday.....the list is endless.

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