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@Worle have been working with EZrunner since March 2017, we transitioned from our previous membership system with ease and all of the requests we made no matter how strange, were accommodated and brought to life. Over the last 6 years we have worked on three major projects with Matt, Richard and the development team have been fantastic, understanding, patient, and professional. The first was the original setup of our booking system managing all elements of our site, from class bookings, membership database, gym, inductions and our facilities bookings including 3G, sporthall, gymnasium . The second project was undertaken throughout lockdown in 2020. We wanted to bring our membership process in-house at the time we used an external company which became an issue when we had to close throughout the lockdowns, we wanted the opportunity to amend, freeze and manage our member’s data bases here instead of dealing with a call centre in Scotland.  As we are a NPO charity gym this gave us the opportunity to have better flexibility and provide excellent customer service to members. The second project included the processing of all new contracts at the centre both PAYG and contracted, and managing the monthly Auddis and DD runs, I was provided with full and concise training which has made it easy for me to do with over 1100 members.Our most recent project was based on our holiday camps, we had an old school paper booking form which we then booked our children onto the Ezrunner Class as and when they called, this opened the centre up to human error children turned up on days they weren’t booked in, we had miss communication on food choices and many further issues, causing staff and parents unwanted stress on a daily basis. I contacted Matt with a format of how we would like it to run, as always it was something EZ could deliver, I worked closely with Richard and managed to get the booking system up and running within 8 weeks ready for the big 6-week slog of the summer holidays, payments are now all online, with a report of all children and there needs whether that be SEN or any allergies. Parents have a messaging system to all them to contact the centre on a daily basis if needed and add extra children to their accounts on an adhoc basis. This has been the first summer holiday the bookings have run smoothly for the holiday club, this wouldn’t have happened without the expertise at EZ.Although the larger projects have been smooth running we face day-to-day issues not with the system but with my own human error no matter how small or even if I have called several times to have someone show me how to set something up on the system I am welcomed with efficient help and patience, Sandro and Martin in support are amazing, they help with even minor of my queries. I couldn’t thank EZ enough for the transformation of our business. We hope to keep evolving and I know EZ will be able to help us do that.  If I am ever asked what system do we have in place, I always shout about EZ Runner and couldn’t recommend them enough.
Centre Manager @Worle WSM

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